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  • [The JukeBox] #82 – MONDO GROSSO – Labyrinth

    [The JukeBox] #82 – MONDO GROSSO – Labyrinth

    Normally with The JukeBox posts, I discover a song or an album, add it to my Spotify playlist, go back through the playlist at a later stage (Normally 6 months to a couple of years) and then decide whether to create a post for it. This song, I heard one day and I must have […]

  • Getting Started with Mastodon

    Getting Started with Mastodon

    If you are joining Mastodon for the first time, you may have some questions about how to use the platform, what the shiny buttons do, etc. This page has everything that you need to get started. Feeds Customising your profile Customising your own profile couldn’t be simpler and should be the first thing that you […]

  • [The JukeBox] #81 – Casiopea – Galactic Funk

    [The JukeBox] #81 – Casiopea – Galactic Funk

    Within specific genres of music, there are those ‘staple’ songs. A set of pieces that capture the essence of a genre. Within the City pop genre, you would find some staples, Plastic Love, Dress Down, Stay with Me, and Flyday Chinatown.Jazz Fusion sensation, Casiopea would be a staple band for the genre. Still going today […]

  • Changing my Digital Mindset going into 2023.

    Changing my Digital Mindset going into 2023.

    The last couple of months within the social media industry has been wild, to say the least. Whether it’s Elon Musk buying Twitter for $44 billion and subsequently changing the platform, or people signing up for Federated services like Mastodon/Pixelfed/PeerTube, there has been a sense of bringing the internet back to how it should be. […]